South Seas Resort - Reservation Nightmare

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Update by user Apr 04, 2013

After speaking to a few people, and being directed to the person who is in charge of 3rd party bookings at the resort, everything was handled, corrected, and fixed. All of my calls were returned, and the staff at that level was very polite and helpful.

Though I still despise Hotwire and the way they handled this whole booking, after a few days of phone calls the resort itself fixed everything beyond my satisfaction.

Original review posted by user Mar 04, 2013

So I made reservations in February for November of the same year through Hotwire. Yet when I call to check on my reservation with the resort, they said they put me in a room with one King Bed. Meanwhile, Hotwire guarantees a room that accommodates 4 adults.

NEITHER the South Seas Resort nor Hotwire will alter the reservation to simply make it two beds instead of one. They both outright refuse, and blame it on the other. No one can help me 8 months away from check in? Seriously? I would understand if I was trying to cancel, change, alter, revoke, or delete my reservation. But I am not. I want to stay there. I want to like it - I want to use Hotwire again. But instead of attempting to please a customer who just pent $600 with them, they both gave me the middle finger. Neither one of them can help me.

Both customer service experiences were horrid, and I will be STRONGLY recommending that no one use either service in the future. This is how you treat customers these days? Wow.

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